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Swimming Pool Technician Jobs

Pool Technician Job Description:

  • Good knowledge of efficient pool cleaning and maintenance methods.
  • Should have necessary knowledge about swimming pool chemicals and their properties.
  • Having knowledge about plumbing, carpentry, painting or repairing equipment would be given more preference to. 
  • Should be physically fit and have the ability to lift heavy equipment.
  • Should be able to work in harsh weather conditions.
  • Should have a presentable and professional appearance.
  • Should be able to drive the company vehicle to the customer’s location if needed.
  • Should be able to manage the daily requirements of maintaining equipment and chemical stock levels at store and in the vehicle.
  • Should have the knowledge of testing swimming pool water pH, and chlorine levels.
  • Should be able to add acid, chlorine, and other pool chemicals to correct pH levels.
  • Should be able to work on fitting and repairing pipes and plumbing for spas or swimming pools.
  • Should have the knowledge of servicing and fixing faulty pool cleaning equipment.
  • Should be able to handle paperworks and report service requirements to management.
  • Previous experience as a Pool Technician would be preferred.

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